We are one of the premier providers of Environmental, Health, and Safety solutions and associated services.

Our solution suite allows our clients to model and track the regulations they are dealing with on an ongoing basis, from the quotations and interpretations of specific regulation numbers, chapters, paragraphs, and subparagraphs, all the way down to specific workflows with cascading one-time or repetitive tasks assigned to specific users or groups of users. The tasks may range from physical inspection, meter reading, and maintenance to data entry and report generation - anything at all.

In parallel, our clients can model the specific asset hierarchy the regulations apply to, and associate specific assets or types of assets with the regulations and workflows. Each asset type also contains attributes into which data can be inserted, or from which results can be derived by simple or complex calculations. Each data point can have precision and accuracy specified and incorporated in the results, allowing risk to be modeled as well.

Everything in the solution suite, from regulations to workflows to assets to calculations, is version controlled with an associated effective time period, ensuring that changes over time are robustly integrated and reflected, and that all generated results can be audited back to the specific data entered and regulation being adhered to, with accounting-level precision. Multiple time-lines can be modeled, allowing what-if scenarios and plans to be modeled using forecast data, resulting in a highly optimized future operation. Never have compliance activities been this easy, this precise, or yielded this much benefit.

Does your EHS system do all this?