Our services revolve around our clients' needs, with a focus on rapid, efficient, and high-benefit deployment of our solution suite. We utilize a proven and robust phased approach, with distinct entry and exit criteria for each phase. Our approach is geared to high speed and high efficacy, with 100% fidelity to the client's data and business processes. For smaller deployments, the process is usually somewhat simplified.

In most cases, we don't have to start from scratch; our clients are submitting compliance reports already, so the applicable regulatory drivers and output/report formats are well defined. In those cases, our focus is simply on setting out our solution suite to automate and speed up the compliance process, yielding faster ROI. We are also open to a self-implementation approach by our clients.

Our goal is to get our client's solution up and running as quickly as possible with the goal of client delight. We also want to make our clients self-sufficient as rapidly as practicable. Would you like to know more?

  • Process, System, User Mapping
  • Data Collection
  • Configuration Planning
  • Detailed Scheduling
  • Regulatory Drivers
  • Applicability Analysis
  • Configuration Data
  • Data Interface Setup
  • Workflow Setup
  • Users, Groups, Roles
  • Data Load
  • Interface Testing
  • Output Testing
  • Documentation
  • Training Materials
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Classroom & Online
  • Role-based curriculae
  • Follow-up and feedback
  • Dedicated Support
  • Standard Support Transition
  • Optional Dedicated Help Desk